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a (con)temporary site for testing, research and emerging practice


CURRENT and its artists/creatives are producing limited edition merch, books, and prints on an ongoing basis.

001 - MERCH

For the first edition produced for the fundraiser event, Nina Juniper and Will Ek Uvelius collaborated to create a logo-focused t-shirt. The artwork is a mixed media that illustrates an Alternating Current, a pattern that was captured in the space of a broken brick and text “CURRENT - a (con)temporary site for testing, a place for research and emerging practice’.

Screen- Printed in 3 colours by Nina Juniper on a Maroon base. Limited edition of 50.

Anais is wearing a size small.

002 - ZINE ‘Where Water Meets Land’ Maile Bowen, Claudia Carles and Desmond Tan

We are so proud to present Where Water Meets Land, a community archive documenting three weeks of sensory exploration at Current Gallery during November and December of 2023. It’s been a huge privilege to spend time at Current Gallery and Dwerda Weelardinup (Cantonment Hill). 

We invited folks to join us across multiple days and evenings to gather, rest and create in the Gallery space. We always worked on the floor. Sometimes people slept. There was lots of poetry reading, discussing our place on the land and our place in this world. There were many hours of silence, and sometimes laughter and conversations. The invitation to go for a walk to notice the sounds and textures found in our surroundings was offered and sometimes accepted. We wanted time to feel slow and soft, and we particularly wanted queer and neurodiverse people to be able to access the practices and space that we created. Many people wrote about sensory observations, many people wrote about love and friendships, many people wrote about grief and sadness and feeling tired. Some people did not write anything.

The collection of words, drawings and photographs presented in this zine were produced intensively over two weeks by a diverse group of friends, artists and writers through this process.

We hope you enjoy this glimpse into our collective residency at Current and take a moment to pause and listen to the world around you as you read through this zine.