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a (con)temporary site for testing, research and emerging practice



We are extremely excited to announce our first SHOW: EXHIBITION OR PROJECT; Samuel Beilby’s Machinic Paragenesis.

Samuel’s work captured us instantly and have put together an exhibition that just had to be part of CURRENT. This is one of those shows that you just have to experience to grasp. In Samuel’s own words:

‘On one-hand, it can be recognised as a DIY experiment in guerrilla field recording and video art-making that amounts to both an exposition of capitalism’s definitive exploitation of the natural world, and the generative potential of noise as an artistic material for charting complex tensions particular to our late-capitalist reality.

On the other-hand, the project ironically drags noise back into the meat-grinder, commodifying the emancipated remnants of a labour built upon harvested bio-organisation and amounting to a diminution of the liberatory potential of noise in production systems. This is an experiment that has produced a paradoxical outcome, in which product and byproduct, luxury and necessity, repetition and difference are blurred, confused and hybridised.’

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