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a (con)temporary site for testing, research and emerging practice




We are incredibly excited to introduce you all to our first Site-Specific Residency at CURRENT.

Opening night on 20th DEC 6-10 pm with local DJs, good vibes and poetry readings at 7.30 pm.

“Where Water Meets Land, is a creative exploration inspired by Hawaiian and other oceanic responsive poetry, somatic storytelling, and the gallery space's potential as a "meeting house" for safety, contemplation, discussion, and transformation. We seek to investigate the unique dynamic that unfolds when a diverse collective of artists and writers from Boorloo and Walyalup converge for a defined period to engage with their surroundings and distil these experiences into a book or zine.

The zine will double as a community archive, including sensory mapping of the gallery's surroundings – capturing the sounds, sights, and colours of the area. Exploring what happens when we stop and investigate one place, allowing time to see what would normally stay unseen.”

A message from the artists:

We are thrilled to have begun nesting in the confines of Current Gallery amidst a weekend of intense heat. Sitting in silence, together we began to trace the building and become acquainted with the place that will hold us over the next 4 weeks.

Amidst our exploration, we have begun planning on several workshops open to the wider community who wish to explore this notion of the gallery as a space to rest, digest and explore.

Our intention with these workshops is to hold an environment that encourages a sense of vastness and slowness, similar to the river's flow towards the ocean, and to explore the liminality of space, bodies, and time. We hope this space provides a platform for artists and writers to engage with the complexities of our surroundings and to share space in a gentle and intentional way.

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