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a (con)temporary site for testing, research and emerging practice


FRIDAY 22nd September 6-10 pm

Come and be curious, support the new site and consider your next project with us.

We will run a fundraiser with local artworks for sale to support the operation of the place, all income will be reinvested in art residencies and paid exhibition opportunities.

Participating artists include:
Duncan Wright, Sally Bower, Nina Juniper, Ché Parker, Matt Sav, Tom Blake, Emilie Monty, Sam Bloor, Stephen Brameld and Jay Staples, Austin Honour, Isobel Bockman, Sally Farrah and Louisa Peters, Reece Cahill, Margaret Dillon (Concreto), Will Ek Uvelius, Riley Salmon Lomas, Ben Kovacsy

We will make sure there’s some nice music and cold beverages to enjoy and some fresh off the press merch.

We will serve locally-brewed craft beers donated by our beer partner Otherside Brewing who are supporting CURRENT with this fundraiser event

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